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Was born in 1985, Lucca, is a percussionist, teacher, and performer. He graduated at Istituto di Studi Superiore Musicale “L. Boccherini,” has studied also in USA, at Truman State University, Missouri and at NAMM music academy in Milano.

He is a former teacher at Scuola Sinfonia and teacher at Conservatorio of Lucca (propedeutic percussion, age 6 to 8).

He is an active concert performer and plays with the orchestras of the main festivals in Tuscany, Italy (Lucca summer festival, Torre del Lago Puccini Festival, Orchestra of Sanremo, Festival 11 Lune, Cortona Sun Festival, Lucca jazz donna, European Percfest, etc.) and outside the country Victoria International Art Festival in Malta; National Youth Orchestra of Albania; Miskolci operafesztival in Hungary. In 2014 he plays in the musical Dirty Dancing in Milan (95 dates). In 2010 he plays the italian premier of Jesus Christ Superstar with a live orchestra. He goes on tour in 2013 with the show - The Wall Live Orchestra (Torino, Milano, Sassari - Italia; Lugano, Biel, Muri - Svizzera).

In these last years he has dedicated particular attention to the contemporary repertoire. He has recorded the album Il Giardino Disincantato with the experimental band OTEME and Devotion with the musician L. Vignando together with OPUS ensemble, contemporary music ensemble in which he owned the percussion position also during the american tour: Oregon, California, Nevada. He plays and records with Etymos Ensemble a contemporary music ensemble that plays G. Deraco’s music. Recently he has played and worked with the director and composer J. Vella. He plays the piece Thou, from G. Deraco at international festival Col Legno directed by M° G. Khun; he plays at the European project TIMUR under the guide of M° A. Corghi.

He has published the percussion method "coordiniamoci" Ed. Sconfinarte, Milano

He has been endorser of Inaki Sebastian Mallets and Elite Mallets till 2014.

He is now endorser of Vater, Ufip and Almacajon.



Matteo Cammisa - Lucca, Italia / Tel. 328 4624545 / C.F. CMMMTT85R31E715U

P.I. 0241 733 0467



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